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There might be some personal nonsense in here, too...


I am explicitly not opening the giant can of worms that is the ongoing current discussion of patent, copyright, and trademark reform.


As a composer and writer, I believe it important to respect copyrights and ownership of creative work, and to acknowledge the origins of borrowed or derived material.
 All images and text used in this blog are: (1) the product of original work or effort; (2) within the public domain; (3) used with permission; or (4) obtained through proper licensing.  Except where noted, no text or images in this blog should be copied or downloaded directly from this site or used without permission.  If it's not my own work, it is used in accordance with the permissions of third parties, which do not necessarily extend to readers.  If you're interested in using any of the material found here, please don't hesitate to contact me about it.
 I'm no graphic artist; suggestions for improving the images or look of the blog are certainly appreciated.

Raven Icon

The core raven image was found at Pixabay, where it was listed as free for commercial use with no attribution required.  It was modified in Photoshop.

Main Page Sources

The red wallpaper in the header is from a background offered in Blogger’s templates.  The vintage divider beneath the title was downloaded from Vectorian, part of the 85 Free Vector Ornaments collection, which the site indicates is free for both personal and commercial use.  The fonts are Trajan Pro Bold and Trajan Pro 3 Regular; the text and divider were given the Photoshop treatment.  Except for the title of Poe's story, the text is original.

The stone in the main page background is of a section of wall of the Chapter House of Fountains Abbey, near Aldfield, England.  The image was found in a Wikipedia entry on stone masonry, and is in the public domain.  The jagged crack in the wall was added thanks to several online tutorials on creating lightning in Photoshop, and playing around with layer effects.  The font here is again Trajan. The image of Poe and its frame are described below.  The resulting background graphic was compiled in Photoshop, colorized, etc.

Portrait of Poe

The famous daguerreotype of Poe is in the public domain and available from many online sources; I found mine at the Wikipedia entry on Edgar Allan Poe.  The frame was downloaded from Vecteezy, the lower left-most frame in the Gold Oval Vector Frames set, then embellished in Photoshop.


Quotes have been cobbled from around the web, including IMDB.  Brainy Quote is a particularly good source.