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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nothing Fancy, Just an Update

The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress in spirals.

And, at least for now, the vector for that spiral is positive.

Still lacking a librettist and, unsurprisingly, a libretto, I'm trying to press on, forge ahead, make headway, go big guns, and similar clichés, until I can benefit from real poetic talent.
 The good news is that I'm making progress on the "overture".  This is Usher's letter to the narrator, intended to be a voice-over supported with lurid imagery like the credits of Gothic horror films (including swirling fogs and colors, paintings a la Night Gallery, et al), ending with the appearance of the title card just after the tenor sings the name "Roderick Usher".  I've decided to treat it as a recitative, perhaps more contoured than usual in a few places, but only to drive home Usher's mixed states of mind and his overwrought emotional condition.  The first three notes are a capella, a pair of ascending minor sixths into the tenor's upper register, to be sung with trepidation, the last note sustained a bit before falling off.  I hope this immediately sets the tone of things to come — we'll see.  I'm working solely on the melody; orchestration can wait until there's more text across the project.  The lack of libretto (and the framework it provides) is the major hold-up at this point.
 To that point, I've started the text for Scene I, in which the narrator makes his way to the house, and enters.  It's slow going.  What I've got is unsubtle (is opera subtle?), and will definitely need revision when my wordsmith comes along.
 Until then, I'm pressing that forge head waaay into a gun spiral.