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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Offer a New World of Darkness Protagonist: "Librettist: The Surrender"

Alex:So last night I had a little trouble falling asleep.  So I wrote an opera.
Louie:An opera?
Alex:Yeah.  I never thought about writing an opera before, but it sounded like it would be fun.  It was.  I'm going to write another one tonight.

Screw you, Alex Rieger.

I'm tabling the libretto for now.  It's going nowhere, and with it the whole project.  Dedicating a ton of time, effort, stress, and drama, I can write a story.  But the conciseness and poetry of a libretto are thus far beyond my literary reach.
 And I've found no resource for matching composers and librettists.  Even working, in-touch composers with interest in opera — like the wondrous Jennifer Jolley, cofounder of NANOWorks — have informed me that they aren't aware of such a beast.  I know no-one, and no-one I know knows anyone, no-how.
 This axial rotation of the word-wheel has to stop.  I need to start sketching some musical ideas if this thing has any chance of losing it's joementum.

Dear Hivemind Santa ("Santa Y'alls"?),

I've been a pretty good boy this year.  All I want for Festivus is a shiny new librettist.  Please help a brother out.  I'll even leave you some of Latka's Cookies.  They're extra special.

Your pal,

~ Me